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Judy Winchester's Journal

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Saturday, October 5th, 2002
2:23 am - Greetings from the cruise ship!
Finally checked my voice mail today, and there were several from poor Sven. It seems I left Rage at my condo. -_-; Funny, how a month full of passion will make you forget the little things...AH, I mean, make you into a selfish b**ch who forgets her friends! Gotta lower the dose on my Valum!

Just a few more days until I'm back in Japan. Who knew that a simple few hour flight could be extended to a week long cruise? Here I am lounging, typing away, and who do you think is beside me? That's right, Ark. But, he will never get a tan in that suit, I don't care if its linen!

current mood: calm

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Thursday, October 3rd, 2002
8:58 pm - Sorry for the long absence!
I know, I know, for someone who loves the Lime Light I have been painfully invisible. I guess I could say my absence has been a blissfull one. When Ark came and dropped off Michael he had eveidently made a deal with K to take me away from it all. He was worried about my stress concerning the movie and K's new relationship with some co-worker. The thing is, I've met Sakano, and I think of him as a sweet and charming yet completely inept in a rural kind of way. The thought of him and my husband together is, well, concerning, but not threatening.

So, my Darling Fluffy loaded up my bag and wisked me away on an airplane to Hong Kong. He treated me to a suite in the Grand Maple Leaf Hotel, their Emperess room. After tipping the bellhop, Ark through the suit case across the room I soon found myself on the bed...Collapse )

..so the month passed in bliss, and what strange things I find on my return....

current mood: content

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Saturday, July 20th, 2002
9:04 pm - What?!?
My life is just poopy! Ah, too much time with my seven year old. Ark is not leaving my side. He dropped off Michael with his dad the other day and has resumed his job as my faithful lap dog fluffy. Ark just stood there as Crawd chewed me out for leaving my son behind. How dare I want some one on one time with him? I have to say that the whole ordeal left me quiet depressed. I went shopping to erase the idea that in some ways, Crawd only accepts me when Ark is along for the ride. With Ark, there is an us, and an us with Crawd, but with Crawd, I think that had dissapated into a relationship more along the lines of, this is the mother of my child.

I wonder how it would have been if Ark was..... never mind. I don't even want to say it to myself, much less leave it for you all to see.

I got the most desressing note devilvered to my hotel room today. It was written on one ply toliet paper and folded into a throwing star. I don't know what it was written with, but its sticky. >.<

Rage is in jail???? I sent her here to work with Crawd, but I had lost track of her. She writes that she is in solitary confinment but is getting "benefits" from the warden. I don't think she's talking 401K!

Luckily, I know Rage, and am perpared for such circumstances. I am sending her a special little panda friend with and explosive personality. When Ark gets out of the shower, I'll have him take it down to the lobby to go out with the morning mail. With any luck, Rage will be top side in two days, depending on the Japanese mail system..

Oh, the shower's just stopped. Better go dry Ark's back,... and front!

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Friday, July 12th, 2002
12:25 am - Shuned at K's
Well, after a few moments in the doorway sharing insults with that SCHELMEIL, i knew a few things.
1) I was dealing with someone too self absorbed to help me, let alone anyone else.
2) If Crawd was with him, he must have suffered massive brain trama, which I would have known about. I'm still his emergency contact on health forms afterall.
3) I would kill for his fuzzy bunny slippers.

So, after making him cry about his rubber duckie (who would have known he actually had one! Geez) I turned about in a whirl of faux fur and clicked my way down the stairs. I was 5 steps from being out the door when my cell phone started ringing. Thank god for Verizon!!!
And, much to my dismay its Ark. .... and I thought I had picked up some bad words

current mood: cynical

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Monday, July 8th, 2002
9:35 pm - oh...my/....
As I was standing there waiting for the boy to answer, a man with a box brushed by me. The kid told him where to put his stuff.

Oh MYGAWD, my darling is shacking up with a child!!!!

current mood: anxious

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9:09 pm - Early day, late night, makes an actress quite the fright
I woke up late, after I slept through the wake up call from the front desk. I felt better after that though. It was afternoon and it actually felt like afternoon to me. Before I left NY, I had just finished production on a movie where I played an aging actress who wanted one last claim to fame. Imagine, ME, playing an aging actress. Oh, the time I had to spend in the make up chair.

So, after a little brunch, I put on my best dress and went husband hunting.

Oh, Crawd darling, where are you?

I should have called I suspose, but I soooo love to make an entrance. So, I go over to his apartment unannouced, and this kid answered the door. He had to be under age. Black hair, smaller in stature. Looks kinda like that blonde guy Ryuichi-kun carried a picture of when he was with us in NY. My Japanese is terrible, and I didn't bring Fluffy, my manager and loveslave, with me this time. I was so hoping for a nice romatic visit with my husband, without our favorite third wheel for a day. But Ark/ Fluffy is the most fluent, after Crawd himself of course.
Any way, the kid.
So, I tried to introduce myself.
"Konichiwa, Atatshi wa Judy Winchester des~u!"
Ah.."Where is my husband?"

current mood: cheerful

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Sunday, July 7th, 2002
11:00 am - I have arrived!
It was rather last minute in planning. But I really wanted to come here and see Crawd as soon as I could. Ark had everything planned out in minute detail, which is soooo him.... My darling Fluffy would be lost without his scheduler. And Michael. I told him I had to get daddy ready for his visit. That he wouldn't have enough toys. I know he saw right through that, but what can I say. My seven year old is smarter than me.

Needless to say, I expect Ark to be here tommorow with an nice big gun pointed at my head. He was never one for foreplay! I am going to see our lover without him. Its completely unfair, but i have had a rough week. The movie just wrapped up, and I am spent. The plane left without Ark on the wing, so I think I'm lucky.

So, after the nice taxi driver loaded my things, I headed off to my favorite hotel, the Maple Hotel. It's my favorite place to stay and entertain while I am in New York. It's ever so nice to have one here as well. Unfortuantly, the owner just happen to be in town and a fan! Kaeda Doumyouji accosted me when i was bearly two feet into my suite!

While she is a good business woman, I find her to be cold. Her assistant let it slip that she was in Japan on family matters. I hear she has a son, but I don't really know much about him. On our other meetings, he has hardly ever come up, though I gush over Micheal all the time!

Ah, this has become so long. Kaeda finally left when i started to snore in the soup. The king side bed looks inviting...calling me "Judy...judy!"


current mood: exhausted

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Saturday, July 6th, 2002
8:03 pm - Hello world!
I am judy winchester. Hollywood star and lover of life! I'm off to find my darling husband!

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